The Traffic Monsoon bank has officially been created!

Traffic Monsoon global bank created

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The Traffic Monsoon bank open for business!

We received a message today that the Traffic Monsoon global bank is now officially open and should become fully operative by the end of next week. This is amazing news for the Traffic Monsoon users, especially as PayPal made it hard for users to receive their money. Because of this external control over Traffic Monsoon’s finances there was no other option but for Charles to find a solution, hence the creation of the Traffic Monsoon world bank.

The news has been released today and this has sparked tremendous excitement for everyone involved, increasing the eagerness for users who are waiting patiently to get their hands on their very first Traffic Monsoon MasterCard. It is believed that the Traffic Monsoon MasterCards will begin a rigid testing process over the next few days but should be available within two weeks. As soon as this functions correctly, without any glitches, Traffic Monsoon will stop PayPal as a payment processor.

Charles said that the Traffic Monsoon global bank is now open and that it will be trading from next week. The bank will soon initiate the process of creating a system with which the bank will control payments and payouts. At the moment Traffic Monsoon is focusing on making sure there are no glitches for when the MasterCards are finally launched. This is why, for the next two weeks, the company will be testing the process in great detail.

With regards to pending withdrawals being held by PayPal, Charles Scoville is trying to find a solution by searching for a short-term loan. Despite the short-term loss it could cause Traffic Monsoon, Charles is keen to regain confidence within its community and make sure its users receive their funds as soon as possible.

I want to take this moment to congratulate Charles Scoville on this achievement. What seemed like mission impossible at first is quickly starting to take shape and they are close to reaching the finish line. We should sit tight and be patient with the wait for the MasterCards to come. There are a lot cracks that Traffic Monsoon needs to iron out to enable the process to go as smoothly as possible.

Important update – Traffic Monsoon created the world bank but initially was not able to move forward with the payment system. This is because Charles was not able to reach an agreement with any providers, due to the high fees and hefty deposit involved. As such a large bulk of Traffic Monsoon’s capital is frozen in PayPal, Charles found it very difficult to advance in negotiations.

On the other hand, there have been discussions with Allied Wallet and this new partnership is in its final stages of completion. There are a few things that we need to bear in mind with Allied Wallet:

  • You will not need to create an account on Allied Wallet, it is purely a payment gateway
  • Traffic Monsoon will use Allied Wallet to send payments to your Traffic Monsoon cards directly. You will soon be required to request you Traffic Monsoon card
  • You will need to upload photographic ID in order to request a Traffic Monsoon card
  • You must make sure that your address in your account is 100% correct so that when you request the Traffic Monsoon Allied Wallet cards it actually goes to the correct place


  1. That does sound like good news. Although this isn’t such an issue for me as I only joined a couple of months ago and wasn’t planning on making any withdrawals for quite some time. However I’m still looking forward to it as using Payza is a bit of a pain.

    • Hey Adisa, thanks for the comment. Payza has been difficult for me too. I think because so many Traffic Monsoon members started using it all at once, Payza struggled with the influx of traffic. What kinds of issues did you face with Payza? I know Charles has had some issues setting up the payment side of the global bank, due to the necessary deposit and the fees involved. But I have my fingers crossed, hopefully Charles will let us know soon about a new e-wallet he’s working on! Things are definitely looking positive.

  2. Hello Chris,

    It’s fantastic news. The Traffic Monsoon Worldwide Bank is open! Charles said so and here it comes. Next week I am going to Dubai. Once I’m there let me buy some adpacks in this new bank. What’s the address of the bank?



    • Hi David,

      Yes, the Traffic Monsoon world bank is great news. Charles is also working on creating a partnership with Allied Wallet so that we can access our funds much easier. He should release some more information about that soon. You can find the Traffic Monsoon bank details here.



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