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Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.

Traffic Monsoon reviews – what are people really saying?

With the rate at which this platform is increasing, genuine Traffic Monsoon reviews are actually quite hard to come by. I made this blog post as a free area for people to write their honest reviews about Traffic Monsoon. To write a review you must have actually signed up to Traffic Monsoon and used it. I don’t want people to comment on hearsay or what they’ve read on different sites. This is not a place for people to post their pessimism or negativity, unless you genuinely have had a bad experience of course. It is a site made for people to write fair Traffic Monsoon reviews. It is very important to be precise about what you say and if your review sounds extreme I might ask you for screenshots to back it up. This is just to make sure the reviews are honest and fair for all readers.

My Traffic Monsoon review

My Traffic Monsoon review so far would be a very good one. Despite a few technical glitches here and there I think it would be difficult for me to say anything that bad about Traffic Monsoon. Some people have brushed it aside, labeling it a scam. However, I think it’s genuinely a great way for people to earn a bit of income, without putting in that much effort. You could say that I went a little crazy at the beginning by putting in $2,500 and then another $2,500 two weeks after but looking the results now, I wish I had put in more.

This is what my account looks like now. I have been using Traffic Monsoon for the past 64 days and to be honest it is performing better than my initial calculations. I initially thought that by the 64-day mark I would reach $10,616 but I’m actually on $11,187. So Traffic Monsoon is actually surpassing my original expectations.

Traffic Monsoon reviews - honest, genuine reviews

I would have liked to have found more referrals over the past 64 days, but I’m no salesmen so this doesn’t come easy for me. Instead, I prefer writing blog posts like these giving people the confidence they need to make a decision themselves and potentially sign up.

A couple of negatives that I could say about Traffic Monsoon would perhaps be focused more around its technical side. The platform is sometimes a bit unreliable, logging you out now and then, glitching, etc. Also, you can only only have one account per IP address which is a bit annoying if your partner wants to get involved too, however I have heard that this will be changing soon. I don’t think I can really think of many other negatives to be honest. I can’t wait to up my account as much as possible and then start withdrawing some big profits!


I’m looking forward to reading your Traffic Monsoon reviews. Please give as much information as you can. All reviews should be honest and open! If you are considering signing up to Traffic Monsoon read my Traffic Monsoon tutorial. Alternatively if you feel you are ready to give it a shot, you can sign up here!

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  1. Listen Ive done it all from way back in the day startung with the original amway which some of you guys may not have even heard of. Then things like avon and kleeneezy and more recently herballife or horriblelife as i like to call it. Companies like Amway was amongst one of the first massive US company’s that bought to concept of MLM to the world. After a while you become desensitised to the crap of making fortunes when it turns out that you were only making money for the guy at the top of your pyramid whilst you bust a nut to make bank each day and the pressure is relentless. So i guess its good to learn from whats out past and present and build something better. Welcome to TM a refreashing build your own business at your own pace, without having someone looking over you to get more refferals. I am the worlds most sceptical person where it comes to get rich schemes i like to know what im getting for my money and it better be damn real because once bitten and all that! So having had a presentation watching some scary youtube vids in how TM is all a scam and generally weighing up the pro and cons i made a decsion in the eords of Richard Branson to “screw it lets do it” well 34 days on having started with 12 packs that cost $600 d, i’ve just bought my 25th, oh and guess what “no referrals” and i’ve also surpassed my initial buy money all buy taking 10 mins out of my generally hectic day to watch a bunch of dumb adds and make bank! Tell you the truth i’m not in any hurry to get refferals although i accept that referals are the game changer in generating even more dollars. However there is also the qoute slowly slowly catch the monkey and in my case i am purposley holding back because those who know me trust my judgment ao once i can physicall show them an image of my account on my fb page they will start asking me questions Why! Because they all know that im the type of guy that doesn’t shout about crap unless its good crap! So for what its worth kick back and enjoy the ride and know that unless the big man does a runner with everyones money were all onto a damn good thing with TM because for the time being anyway it appears to be a solid opportunity. One thing i do know is that im too long in the tooth to not keep some level of perspective on reality by knowing that as with anything in life somethings carry some risks and at the end of the day in the case of TM the rewards certainly seem to be outshine the risks! Well certainly at this stage. So for now, jump right in beacuse the water is just nice!

  2. Over the years i have seen many ads popping up on websites saying you can earn an extra income easily. I have never had any interest in joining any of these but always liked the thought of making more money with least effort as possible, until i was introduced to Traffic Monsoon.
    I was extremely skeptical at the beginning but because i was introduced to this by a very trustworthy friend and who works within marketing i felt more confident this was something to take serious.
    I did my research and yes i did come across blogs/videos with people saying its a scam but now understand why people have done this (bad experience and to increase traffic volume to their own websites).
    I took the plunge and bought 10 adpacks which was scarey to begin with. After a few days i started to understand how it works, i bought an additional 10 adpacks and have not looked back since. I am now spending more and more of my time making with a business for me.
    I follow the latest news daily on how the company is doing and it fills me with confidence each day as traffic monsoon is growing and becoming bigger and better.
    Once the TM Global bank is up and running there will be no stopping TM and all those negative bloggers out there will go into hiding.
    I could go on and on to why this is such a good opportunity but want to leave some space for others reviews!!!
    One more note, this website is a fantastic source of information and ideal to use for anyone looking to sign up.

  3. Thanks a lot Mams and Clive for taking time to add to the Traffic Monsoon Reviews page. It’s really great to see that others are having such positive experiences with Traffic Monsoon, not just myself. You’re right Clive, as soon as Charles gets the Traffic Monsoon global bank ready, we will all be in a top position and looking forward to a successful future with Traffic Monsoon!

  4. Due to working in the Direct Marketing industry for over 15 years I found it quite easily initially to relate to this opportunity. I do remember on my introduction to DM thinking to myself, ‘do people really make revenue from this form of marketing’…..similarly to TM. In fact, my only concern and scepticism was thinking that this was another ‘Herbalife-like’ or alternate MLM scheme. Having now been a director for the last 6 years I would quite simply not have the time to play salesman, nor twist arms for an extra buck.

    The revenue share aspect of Traffic Monsoon was particularly appealing as it would mean that I would only have to sacrifice a few minutes of my working day to generate a positive return. I pursued to learn more about the platform, to ensure my seed money was in safe hands and quickly became genuinely interested in TM from a marketing perspective. My next point of call was to test my newly gathered knowledge with friends and family and pushed for as many questions as I could take for my own benefit! On finding an easy way to explain this, I had drummed up some interest and before I knew it, a few referrals too. This is NOT selling but simply explaining an opportunity which some individuals may/may not find of interest. Either way, I had no intentions of being a hard salesman. On the flip side, I had been receiving feedback that this was a ‘SCAM’ which I managed to eradicate quite quickly (see ‘Traffic Monsoon Explained’ article on this site).

    110 days on and I’ve seen many of the ‘ups and downs’ including missing watching my 10 ads a day due to glitches and the recent payment processor issues. However, time was always added on for these problems and funds always topped up to where they should be when these issues were rectified. As long as you always keep in mind that this is a rapidly growing company and would require some down time for maintenance and updates, then I don’t feel that anyone would have a problem with this brilliant opportunity both as an advertiser or if you just require some extra income every month. On the payment issues, it certainly appears that Charles Scoville is one step ahead and on the path to giving us all instant withdrawals once again!

    My account is now generating in the region of $450 per day which is being re-invested until the point I am satisfied with what I want to extract on a monthly basis. There is some obligation that I feel I have toward my referrals so therefore do as much research as I can to keep everyone informed but also to my own benefit. Each referral has brought something new to the team and offer me increased knowledge from different perspectives which is a great help.

    If you’ve always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur this is your chance! TM can take you as far as you’re willing to work for.

  5. A short and sweet review here, I have been using Traffic Monsoon for 5 weeks now, and my experience has been smooth and simple. With a few changes happening within Traffic Monsoon itself, there have been some irregularities that Charles has quickly explained.
    Using Traffic Monsoon is effortless, and the longer you use it, the more you learn and the more interesting it becomes. The TM community is extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful, going above and beyond to answer any of your questions. I am extremely glad I got involved in Traffic Monsoon and I am looking forward to using it for a very long time.

  6. Thanks a lot Richard and Imran for your reviews! I hope this encourages others to join Traffic Monsoon and start making some money online too!



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