8 reasons to join Traffic Monsoon today

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Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.


In this blog post I will explain 8 great reasons to join Traffic Monsoon today. With more than two million users world-wide, Traffic Monsoon has become somewhat of an online money-making sensation over the past year – and for good reason. Let’s find out why…

8 reasons to join Traffic Monsoon today

1. Multiple ways to earn

The most amazing reason to join Traffic Monsoon is most definitely the earning possibilities that it offers. By joining Traffic Monsoon right now you are guaranteed to make money. There are multiple ways that you can earn money with Traffic Monsoon. The most common way would be to purchase “Ad Packs” but there are also free ways that you can earn money. By clicking on “Cash Links” you can earn as much or as little as you want just by watching ads. Imagine if you were paid $0.02 dollars for every ad you have ever seen on TV. Well this is what Traffic Monsoon is doing. It is sharing company revenues with with its user base. All I do to earn just over $200 a day is watch 10 20-second ads every 24 hours. How easy is that?!

2. Get good quality traffic to your website

It’s not unknown that advertising space is one of the most sold commodity on the Internet nowadays. In fact, by 2018 Statista.com projects that the worldwide spend on digital advertising will reach $252 billion. As you can see from the graph below (also taken from Statista.com) digital advertising spend will continue to grow at more or less the same rate as it has been over the past 4 years.

8 reasons to join Traffic Monsoon
Digital Advertising Spend Worldwide

It’s not hard to understand the steady growth of this colossal industry when you consider that the principal reason that so much money is generated in online advertising is to drive traffic. This is exactly where Traffic Monsoon comes to play. They drive good quality traffic to your website for a fraction of the cost of the more “traditional” methods, ie. Google Adwords, Facebook, Online Display.

Why do online businesses need traffic so much? The answer is simple. Traffic means sales. If you have traffic to your site you will have a much higher chance of making a sale. Plus having traffic to your site can greatly increase your SEO score! Which of course means a higher ranking and therefore more potential customers.

3. Free membership – no fees whatsoever, ever

Traffic Monsoon is free to join, and it always will be. You can even earn money without purchasing anything. It sounds too good to be true but it really is free.

4. 100% legitimate company

Another amazing reason to join Traffic Monsoon is that it is a completely safe, legitimate company that you can trust. After growing very quickly Traffic Monsoon was quickly investigated by several consumer regulatory bodies and also PayPal to see if this company was at all fraudulent. These checks proved that the company is in fact 100% legitimate as they couldn’t find a single thing wrong with Traffic Monsoon.

The CEO of the company Charles Scoville has an abundance of experience in this line of work having created a few similar companies before. He is always genuine about his past experiences in other organisations. Despite always looking for ways to make Traffic Monsoon more successful he sticks by his ethical ideologies and does not allow pornography, alcohol or gambling adverts on the site. Even though he has become a big-time CEO of a fast-growing company he is regularly at Traffic Monsoon meetings and open to any questions that you may have for him, not a lot of CEOs would be willing to do that for their customers.

5. Supported by PayPal

For those who are not aware of the strict regulations that PayPal sets for its partners it is very hard to be accepted by PayPal. PayPal must make sure the partners they work with are legitimate and not fraudulent because they wish to maintain their impeccable image and also because they offer a PayPal Buyer Protection program that acts as an insurance to buyers that purchase goods through PayPal.

6. Amazing Alexa Ranking

Not surprisingly, in the past year Traffic Monsoon has grown immensely in the Alexa rankings. As you can see in the picture below the Alexa ranking is around 1,000, which if you don’t know much about Alexa rankings – it an amazing achievement. Out of all the websites in the world it is ranking around 1,000th, which is something that can only add confidence to the Traffic Monsoon system.

8 reasons to join Traffic Monsoon
Amazing Alexa ranking for Traffic Monsoon

7. $36 million in reserves

At time of writing there are currently $16 million in the reserves of this company and another $20 million its bank account. That is a huge amount for a company that started just over a year ago. The fact that we are aware of this information adds to the fact that Charles is such a transparent and open individual gaining our trust in return.

8. Great commissions for referring others

Even though it is not needed at all to make money with Traffic Monsoon, getting referrals can be a very effective way of making passive income. Traffic Monsoon allows you to do this by offering a very attractive commission structure. They will give you 10% commission from almost all your referral purchases and also give you 100% of all the “Cash Links” that your referrals click on. So if you wanted you could just refer all of your friends and have them click on ads which you would actually earn up $0.02 for every single time.

Traffic Monsoon, change your life todayThere you have it, just some of the great reasons to join Traffic Monsoon today. What are you waiting for? Sign up today! If you make sure your sponsor is “allec215” I will guide you through the whole process. Alternatively you can find a very in-depth post that guides you through the complete set up of Traffic Monsoon – Traffic Monsoon Tutorial.

*Important addition – 3rd February 2016* – Traffic Monsoon will be closing the partnership it has with PayPal. This is because PayPal has said that Traffic Monsoon has reached its limit that it can pay out to members. Charles is now working on a solution, he is opening his own Traffic Monsoon global bank in Dubai. This shows huge leaps forward for the company as it will now be able to control finances internally rather than relying on external parties.