Full USI-Tech review – Can the Forex robot really make you money?

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Did you know the average US savings account has a measly 0.06% interest rate and many of the its biggest banks pay rates as low as 0.01%.

If you’re the type of person that thinks that is good news, please leave this site now gather all your money from under your mattress and find your nearest rip-off bank.

If however, you a little sick in your mouth when you read 0.06%, then continuing reading. I think you’re going to like this.

I’d like to introduce you to one of the latest programmes I have added to my ever-growing online passive income portfolio.

If at all you feel you have any questions about USI-Tech, please comment below or send me a message.


What is USI-Tech?

Let’s kick this off with a basic question. What is USI-Tech?

So in more complex format, USI TECH is an MT4 EA (Expert Advisor) provider that focuses on correlation trading between multiple “groups” of currency pairs.

In essence, they open multiple positions on a number of currency pairs in a specific group at the beginning of a trend and capture the difference between the “tracks” of each trend.

Alright… sorry, you probably look like this right now.

Let me explain in a simpler way.

USI-Tech have developed robust automated trading software that aims at acquiring small gains on paired-currency trades, thanks to fluctuations between these currencies.

The owners of USI-Tech used to build this software for large investment funds, $100-500k accounts. They decided to open this up to the masses in order to give people like you and me the opportunity to make our money work for us too.

Would you like to check it out? Register your own account now!


USI-Tech return on capital

Ok, the most important part: How much can you expect to earn from USI-Tech’ Forex robot?

The company boasts a secure 3% return on capital per month. Some months will perform better and some maybe worse, but on average you should receive around 3%.

This is actually confirmed when looking at FX BLUE, which shows the accounts we have in our ever-growing team. You can see that on average the accounts are growing by 3% per month, regardless of whether it’s a $150k account or a $1k account (check the tab “portfolio constituents”.

Huge growth, people constantly joining

This USI-Tech review wouldn’t be complete without showing you a fundamental element that has made the growth of this opportunity explode in recent months.

USI-Tech has achieved huge growth rates through the use of a referral matrix. If you share this opportunity with others you receive some considerable compensation. This video explains a lot about USI but if you’re interested in the compensation plan, skip to minute 25:18.

So in addition to amazing 3% return on capital USI-Tech should achieve, it you would also be able to profit from the following compensation plan: To summarise it for you USI-Tech

  • 3×12 matrix Compensation Plan
  • You will earn €120 per affiliate you sponsor
  • There are 797,160 positions overall
  • You earn €12.50 commission for affiliates within your matrix
  • You earn commission on Broker fees – every time USI-Tech members trade, USI-Tech actually collect a percentage of the brokerage fee and distribute it to the sponsors

Give the video a watch and it should become a lot clearer.

(could explain this a bit better)

Start up costs

Ok, so you like the sound of it so far. But what’s it going to cost you? You will need:

  1. The software license – 600€
  2. A VPS (to keep the robot working at all times) – 20€ p.month
  3. Whatever you wish to fund in your trading account – (minimum $1,000)

It is worthwhile putting as much as you can afford to risk in the trading account. The more pairs of currencies you have, the likelier it is for the robot to find a good opportunity to trade.


If you found this article help, I’d appreciate it if you signed up using this link. That way I can profit from the compensation plan explained above 🙂


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me a message or leave a comment below. I am happy to spend time with you to help you get everything set up.

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