How to get more Traffic Monsoon referrals

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Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.



If you are looking to grow your account much faster than you would by just repurchasing Ad Packs, the best thing to do would be to get more Traffic Monsoon referrals. There are a number of ways you can do this, this article will show you the best and most successful ways.

The best ways get more Traffic Monsoon referrals:

Here is a list of the best methods to get more Traffic Monsoon referrals. The list is in order of effectiveness – number 1 being the most effective and number 5 being the least. Let me know your success/failure stories by commenting below!

1. Sign up on FutureNet and add tons of friends

FutureNet is probably the best place to find people interested in what you have to offer. FutureNet is a new social platform that helps you promote your business and make money at the same time and it is growing like there’s no tomorrow!

Why? It’s free to sign up and if you add everyone you can create a huge network of friends. And guess what, these friends will be interested in the same things as you – making money online. FutureNet Banner

Not only can you get referrals for whatever you are promoting, you can also earn money using from just using the platform. Like stuff, share stuff, chat about stuff – all this activity will earn you money. Did I mention that you can also earn money from just logging in?

2. Create a blog and create great content

The best, and probably most used method to get more Traffic Monsoon referrals would be creating a blog. One of the reasons that makes this method so great is because if a visitor lands on your site after being sent organically through Google the chances are that visitor is interested in reading about Traffic Monsoon.

With a useful blog that adds genuine value it shouldn’t be too difficult to explain the benefits of Traffic Monsoon and for your visitors to start signing up. By providing great, helpful resources  your visitors will naturally want to help you in return by signing up using your name as a sponsor.

How to get more refferals

Providing you don’t ruin your blog with 100s of ugly ads promoting your Traffic Monsoon link then visitors should be happy to credit you for offering support. By putting useful, subtle links when appropriate (like the example above) you should find that visitors click more frequently – thus giving more opportunities to get more referrals.

The downside of getting more referrals through your blog is that it takes some time and work to get established. It took me many hours to get this blog up-and-running, looking good and full useful material. If you need any help creating your blog, I would be happy to teach you how to set one up. Visit our section on website design to find out more.

2. Get more referrals by creating YouTube videos

Done right, YouTube can be a fantastic way of getting hundreds of potential Traffic Monsoon referrals. YouTube has become one of the most important sites for online adverting, even making it relatively easy to get ranked in Google’s search results. All you need to do is create a video with top content, which adds value and is useful to people.Create YouTube videos to get more referrals

Another reason why it is so great is because people can advertise themselves for free. You can ask friends and family to boost the popularity of your video by liking and sharing and there you have it – a free way of attracting referrals. You will notice that people become more and more interested in your videos and start leaving comments. This is a great chance for you to interact with your potential referrals and post links to your sign-up page.

In addition, using YouTube videos and making a blog can triple your probabilities of getting more referrals as the two methods, as cheesy as it sounds, act as a synergy. Both methods go hand-in-hand to help you create multiple angles of great content.

3. Advertise using classified sites, PTC sites or Traffic Exchanges

This method is great, but of course not free. You will have to be careful which classified sites you use to promote as you will want to optimise your campaigns – getting the best traffic for the best price. Used in a creative manner, this method can transform your Traffic Monsoon account.

PTC (paid to click) sites are especially great places to get highly active users to sign up on Traffic Monsoon. The typical users that you find on these are highly active, have experience using these types of sites and be less difficult to convince. This means that the ROI tends to be a lot higher when advertising on PTC sites as oppose to other advertising networks.

In the list below you will find some amazing free PTC sites that I would definitely recommend. They are all legitimate and many people have had a lot of success with them.

  • Clixsense
  • Neobux

Using the following networks, you can pay for cheap clicks and send this traffic straight to your Traffic Monsoon referral site. They are well known for sending good-quality traffic to generate a higher chance of getting more Traffic Monsoon referrals.

  • Bidvertiser
  • Adhitz
  • Infolinks (not as good for PTC sites)

These advertising networks are far cheaper than say Google Adwords for example but offer a better ROI. These networks charge on CPC (cost per click) basis which is always much better, as you pay for the visitors who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

If these methods aren’t enough to get more Traffic Monsoon referrals, then why not give other Traffic Exchanges a try. Just like Traffic Monsoon, these sites can be great opportunities to generate traffic to a site.

Some top Traffic Exchanges I would recommend are:

  • EasyHits4U
  • Surfers2u

4. Get friends and family on board

Thanks to the many great things about Traffic Monsoon it’s quite easy to convince friends and family members to join. If you can prove that Traffic Monsoon works people are much more likely to trust your word and join.

A great and easy way would be to show your results on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you show screenshots of your earnings people will quickly become interested, trust me.

5. Set up informative sessions for free

Another great method to get more Traffic Monsoon referrals is by arranging informative sessions to help others get started. If you live in a big city you can easily find rooms to rent at cheap rates where you can teach people about Traffic Monsoon. Obviously you would need to know Traffic Monsoon inside out to do these sessions and it would probably be a good idea to advertise using posters or leaflets.

There are so many other alternative strategies that can be used in conjunction with the top strategies mentioned above. Here are some other ways to get more Traffic Monsoon referrals:

  • Create a Facebook page and attract a community of Traffic Monsooners
  • Answer people’s questions on Yahoo answers or
  • Write an eBook about Traffic Monsoon
  • Talk to people on chat rooms

If you have any other great ways to get more referrals on Traffic Monsoon please add a comment below.