How to sell Clickbank products without a website

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How to sell products in clickbank without a website

There are so many ways that you can sell Clickbank products without a website. In this article I am going to touch upon the most common ways that you can make money promoting Clickbank products without the hassle of setting up a website. Before you start this online marketing venture you will have to have the right mindset. I would recommend reading a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It is a great resource that explains how get in the right mentality when thinking about earning passive income.

One of the most important things that you have to remember when promoting Clickbank products is that, regardless of type of product you are looking to promote, you must make sure that you pick the right audience to which you send your chosen product’s traffic. In fact, this is fundamental. For instance, there’s no point sending an ad about a local skydiving experience to a community of grannies. No offense to those grannies who engage in skydiving experiences, but it’s pretty unlikely that that community of grannies is going to even consider buying your product.

Another very important thing to ask yourself is “does this product have demand?”. Do a little bit of background research on your product and find out if there are many people looking for a solution that this product offers. If so, you’re on to a winner.

How to sell Clickbank products without a website

I am going to show you the best places to sell your Clickbank products without owning a website. These places are perfect for generating traffic which is essential when selling any product.

How to sell clickbank products without a website

An amazing method to sell Clickbank products without a website is by using This is a traffic source that has 1,000s of websites within its network where you can create your own banner or text ad. This ad can then be placed on a specific website within its network so that you can generate a huge volume of traffic every single day. Look at the example above, this site will let you place your ad on their site for just $5 a day. With 155,447 daily unique users, there’s a very good chance you’re going to sell your affiliate product. Literally the point of is for Clickbank affiliates to promote their chosen affiliate products. This particular website attracts people who are interested in online income opportunities, therefore it is perfect for affiliates who are selling Clickbank products related to making money online. This site has a specific target market of people who are looking to make money online, so the chances that they will be interested in your ad are quite high.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you want to start promoting a product that can be sold to people looking to make money online (e.g. Millionaire’s Brain). The average commission that you will earn for selling the product Millionaire’s Brain is around $35. Take the example above, where you pay just $5 to have your ad in this placement for the whole day. This site generates 155,447 unique users a day. Therefore imagine if just 1% of those people clicked on your ad and then 50% of those people went on to buy Millionaire’s Brain, how much would you make in one day? The answer – $2,703 in just one day. That’s absolute madness.

On you can also promote your ad via the network of sites that they have, this way your ad will be placed on a number of different websites simultaneously. This way though you don’t have much control over the sites that your ad is being placed on. You can however select the region where you want you ad to be shown. This can be particularly useful if you want to maximise your reach.

Tips when using

  • Often the best products to promote on tend to be those that focus on making money online or losing weight, so try to chose Clickbank products of that nature.
  • It is generally considered that the banners sizes 300×250 and 728×90 generally perform best but if you have great results with other sizes please do share.
  • You don’t want to select “show my ad anywhere”, you need to click “show my ad in these regions” and then select regions where you are going to expect great traffic. The best region to choose I would say is South America – there is less competition and the traffic seems to be of a very good quality.
  • You should decide on how much you want to spend on the specific ad. I would always recommend starting small to test your product out and then tweak it as necessary.
  • Make sure don’t just use any old banner. The banner you select is very important, it should be eye-catching but not look to spammy. You need to find the right balance that shows people what the product is all about and of course that it could be something of interest to them.

Project Wonderful

Another great very cheap traffic source is called Project Wonderful, as cheesy as it sounds. Similar to, Project Wonderful is another top advertising network that you can use to sell Clickbank products without a website.

You can select either the United States, Canada, Europe or elsewhere and then choose traffic threshold and display options and move on to the next page. Here is where Project Wonderful really gets interesting. You can search for ad placements based on your specific category. Therefore if you find a great Clickbank product you wish to start selling you can then find the perfect website to advertise on. They have around 40 different categories of sites that cover anything from Manga to travel. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect site for your ad here.

You can put your ad on any, or as many of the websites on the list as you want, for as little as $0.20. It really is a no-brainer. Just imagine the amount of cheap traffic you will get generating money on your Clickbank link. Even if just 1% coverts, surely it makes sense to just give it a try if all you can lose is $0.20 if it doesn’t work. Project Wonderful also gives you a lot of data that you can analyse each site, but not too much to get lost. If you need help trying to set up a banner, the follow video tutorial can help a lot.

Breeze Ads

There are many very cheap PTC networks in the market, another one of those greats is Breeze Ads. Just like and Project Wonderful you can use Breeze Ads as a top technique to sell Clickbank products without needing a website. I’m not going to go into too much detail about Breeze Ads as it’s pretty much the same as the other PTC networks. If you would more information about this one just leave a comment below.


An absolute free way to sell Clickbank products without needing a website is by using Youtube. You can actually create interesting videos that talk about your affiliate product, reviewing it, using it, etc. If you work hard on creating great content for these videos you will quickly see that the videos get a lot of views. This is great news because you can pop your affiliate link below and direct viewers to click on it at some point in the video.

There are a few things to bear in mind when creating YouTube videos to sell Clickbank products, one of those things is that you will need to find a very good niche. There’s no point creating videos for products that already have 3,000 reviews and 8,000 bloggers writing about them. You need to pick a small segment of a tiny category that is relatively untouched. That way you become an expert in that particular niche thus having more chance of standing out in the crowd.

Solo ads

Solo ads are a very important method to people who are looking to sell Clickbank products without a website. They are not the same as traffic exchanges or safe lists. In fact, traffic exchanges and safe lists are not very well-known for having great traffic. Many Clickbank affiliates use this method to get their message out to hundreds of targeted prospects in a cheap and cost-effective manner. Basically, you would find someone with a large list of subscribers matching your specific category or niche and you would send out an email ad to that list.

With solo ads you get quality, laser-targeted traffic. You pay a small fee to blast your email to the subscribes of the chosen email list and then people would convert by clicking on your email and following through with the purchase. There is a saying that “the money is in the lists” – if you don’t have your own lists, use other people’s. This is the beauty of solo ads. This method though is more of a method if you have exhausted all other options, getting spammy emails really isn’t that nice!


Key takeaways to sell Clickbank products without a website

  1. Find a good market, with plenty of demand.
  2. Find a great product on Clickbank, one with a high gravity (over 50 perhaps), one that has a commission higher than $25 and one also has a good sales page. A good idea is to find products with videos or testimonials. All these help with the conversions.
  3. Drive quality traffic. You can have the best product in the world but if you don’t have traffic it’s useless.
  4. If you can, try to build that email list and you can promote whatever you want to your subscribers without ever needing a website.


Good luck on your adventures!


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