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Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.



This is just a short blog post on how to stay qualified with Traffic Monsoon. If you haven’t heard already, Traffic Monsoon is one of the biggest, most effective ways of making lots of money online. If you’re looking for another passive income revenue stream – Traffic Monsoon will quickly become your new best friend. There is one thing that you need to remember though – in order to earn money you have to be qualified.

But what does it mean to be qualified? To cut a long story short, Traffic Monsoon is a revenue sharing company. This means that whatever revenue the company earns through selling advertising space it redistributes to its members. There are two requirements – members must have purchased at least one “Ad Pack” and members have to be active. The next obvious question is “what does being active mean?”. The answer to this question is simple, users must surf at least 10 sites per day. The minimum time that each user must spend on each site is 20 seconds. This means that you’ll be surfing sites for 3.33 minutes every day. It doesn’t sound too strenuous does it? Let’s now look at the process of staying qualified (or active).

How to stay qualified with Traffic Monsoon

Staying qualified is probably the easiest thing to do in your life. All it takes is a bit of organisation and clicking matching images. Let me show you the process very quickly:

1. Where to go

Once you have signed up and bought your first Ad Pack you will have to locate one of the main areas of Traffic Monsoon. Don’t worry though, it’s very well highlighted. If you haven’t got a clue how to sign up or buy your first Ad Pack read my article on how to get set up – Traffic Monsoon tutorial.

There are actually two places where you can find the button to stay qualified. The most common place to click would be the big red button at the top of every page. The image below is an example of what your red button should look like. Note that as an active member you should see “Start Surfing 1:1, 20 sec”. The “1:1” is very important. It means that you will earn revenue shares because you have bought an Ad Pack.

Start Surfing Traffic Monsoon - how to stay active on Traffic Monsoon

If not, another very useful area that you will use a lot is the box in the middle of the main account page that will look like the image below. This box is a great reference as it lets you know how long you are qualified for. Make sure the text is green! If the text shows up as red then you are not qualified and this means that you will not be earning revenue shares.

How to stay active on Traffic Monsoon

A word of warning, try not to leave it till the last minute as you never know if there will be server issues etc. I also leave at least 30 minutes before the timer runs out to surf my 10 ads.

2. Start surfing ads

Click on one either the big red button or the little blue box to start surfing. You will see a different page appear on Traffic Monsoon, one that looks like the image below. Wait 20 seconds for the time to go down and have a browse around the page if you wish.

How to surf ads on Traffic Monsoon

3. Match the Traffic Monsoon image

The next step is to match the thumbnails. Don’t worry, this is not difficult at all. In the example below, it is obvious that the stopwatch is the identical image.

Surfing ads on Traffic Monsoon

4. Click through to the next site

Give it a click at then you will be shown another set of buttons. You will see a small green button that says “Next Site”, a blue button that says “Back to Account” and another blue button that says “Buy Credits”. To complete the 9 more ads you will have to select “Next Site”. Check the image below to see what it should look like.

Earn passive income with Traffic Monsoon

Once you have done this 9 times you should see that it says “You have clicked 9 ads this session” in grey underneath the image above. This means that you can now click on “Back to Account” and you will have finished your qualifying session for the day. Also when you go back to your main account page you will see that the timer has restarted.


Tips on how to stay qualified with Traffic Monsoon

A great but simple tip that I always give my referrals to make sure they are always qualified on Traffic Monsoon is to create alarms. It is very easy to forget about surfing your ten ads and therefore not get paid five or six hours, trust me I’ve done it a fair few times myself. The easiest way to avoid this happening is by setting a daily alarm on your phone. It is really simple, just set the alarm for 15 minutes before your timer is due to expire and when it sounds jump on to your account and surf the ten ads. For the next day, just make sure you set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier so that you give yourself enough time before the next 24 hours runs out.

Also, make sure you plan ahead. If you think you might not be able to make a certain hour to surf the ten ads don’t worry about surfing another set of ten ads in the same day. For example, I sometimes surf ten ads at 8PM and then do another ten ads at 11PM just because I know that if I go out for drinks or something the next day, I don’t want to be stressed at just before 8PM trying to surf my ten ads on my phone. I would much prefer to do it at 10:30PM when I get home. Make sure you always try to stay qualified with Traffic Monsoon, that way you will maximise your earnings with the system.

Additional information

While surfing your ten ads, if you see the text “click here to go on watching”, like in the image below, you should give it a click and stay on the page. This sometimes shows because you haven’t stayed on the page. Come on, don’t open up another tab and do something else. Have a nose around the page and see if you can find anything interesting, that way we all help the Traffic Monsoon community.


Of course, if you have any doubts or any tips that would make this article better please let me know in a comment below.

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