Is the Aussie Method a scam?

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Do not trust the Aussie Method. It is a scam

One of the most common questions that I have been heard recently has been “is the Aussie Method a scam or is it legit?”. I want to show you the Passive Income Watchdog’s view on the suspicious organisation.

Is the Aussie Method a scam? – yes, 100%

The Aussie Method is most definitely a scam. In fact, it’s one of the most obvious scams I’ve seen. Please avoid it like the plague. It has been dubbed as a “multi-million-dollar fraud organisation” designed very well to purely take your money. I first saw this scam while logging into my Traffic Monsoon account so I know for a fact that it has been seen by so many other people, hence the reason I want to share as much as possible.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for why this is a definite scam.

  1. Jake Pertu is not a real person. In fact, he is a made guy. There are absolutely no records of Jake Pertu being a binary options guy, nor either the owner of the site the Aussie Method. This is quite surprising.
  2. The picture of this fake Pertu is actually a stock image. If you visit you will find the stock image that was supposed to this famous binary options genius. Sorry but no. Here’s the evidence if it has been taken down.
    Is the Aussie Method a scam? YES
  3. The success stories are ridiculous. There is nothing in the world that can make you that rich that quickly, apart from the lottery perhaps.
  4. The testimonials are embarrassingly fake. The girl that appears first in the video actually offers to create fake testimonials for just $5. Her job is basically to help scam artists – pretty decent choice of career, right? I guess it was well worth it for the guy who made millions out this though. The video below explains it all.
  5. The Facebook names are not correct. If they were genuine Facebook comments they would all have second names. You don’t see any though which means these are fake people too.
  6. All the faces on the page are stock images. This means that these are photos of people downloaded from sites that offer a large amount of images ready for download. I can tell this by simply dragging any image into the google search bar and then being shown results that look like the screenshot below.The Aussie Method and its stock images for charactersThe $10,000 that he will pay you in “cold hard cash” if you don’t make is utter rubbish. They will just take your money and run.
  7. Read the disclaimer. In the video he guarantees that you will make a lot of money using his software, however the disclaimer says that there is “no guarantee you will make any money” – I’m a bit confused here to be honest.

I think there should be enough points here to dissuade anyone from signing up with the Aussie Method scam. Please do not join, you will regret it. Feel free to post any experiences that you have had with The Aussie Method. An almost identical scam that I have seen is called the Brit Method. So needless to say really, but avoid that one too.

The Passive Income Watchdog

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