Is Traffic Monsoon sustainable?

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Is Traffic Monsoon sustainable?

Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.


I’ve had many people ask me about what makes Traffic Monsoon sustainable, if it is even sustainable at all. Some people are a bit dubious about whether Traffic Monsoon is a long-term passive income opportunity or whether it will fizzle out and become a failure. I think that from the points discussed in this article it is clear that Traffic Monsoon will remain strong for a very long time, thus making it a great sustainable form of passive income to add to your network.

What makes Traffic Monsoon sustainable?

  1. Huge amount of sales it has already generated

So here I’m not talking about the Ad Packs that you buy to gain a share of the Traffic Monsoon revenue, I’m talking about the 5 other revenue streams Traffic Monsoon offers. I’m talking about these amazing services: Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns, Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns, Traffic Exchange Start Pages, Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases, Monsoon Traffic Packages and Login Ads.

Traffic Monsoon’s services are so popular because people know that they genuinely deliver great results. It generates huge volumes of good quality traffic which means that businesses want to invest in the services to give themselves better opportunities to find more customers or leads. It is much cheaper than anywhere else on the Internet, so why not with Traffic Monsoon?

For example, the Login Ads are such a great service that they are actually fully booked and paid for until February 2019 (see screenshot below). I’m sorry but you can’t find that kind of ad placement popularity anywhere. Well done Traffic Monsoon.

Traffic Monsoon sustainable

2. Growing user base – let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

The growing user base of Traffic Monsoon is very important to understand its sustainability. Traffic Monsoon now has around 3.6 million members (as of Jan 2016) and this means something very special to Traffic Monsoon – a huge amount of visits to its platform every single day. Why is this important? It is important because if any of you know a little about online marketing traffic is key to success and without traffic you will suffocate and not make any money at all as a business. Traffic gives you so much power, the power that the market leaders like Facebook and Google have to make so much money from serving ads to its user base. Everyone knows Facebook as a social media site where you have a profile and the ability to see profiles of other people. However, Facebook’s core business is selling advertisement space (much like Traffic Monsoon). Facebook is able to generate billions of dollars every year because it has 1.5 billion people registered. If everyone stopped using their Facebook account tomorrow Facebook would make nothing. Therefore, as long as the number of users gets bigger and bigger in Traffic Monsoon, the better it is for us because it means that external companies are more likely to invest in Traffic Monsoon’s advertisement services.

For example, what’s the difference between someone seeing an ad for Coca-Cola on Facebook or an ad for Coca-Cola on Traffic Monsoon. Coca-Cola are just interested in branding and making sure their name remains more dominant in the market that Pepsi. Therefore, what’s the difference between people seeing this branding campaign on Facebook or on Traffic Monsoon?

3. A clever system and a legacy of top products

The Traffic Monsoon system is perfectly balanced in order to allow people to make 10% earnings on the Ad Packs they buy. When first setting out, Charles Scoville created a genuine traffic creation service first, then created the ability for users to gain a share of revenues. This means that the site is heavily focused on the services that it provides rather than promoting the fact that people can also make money. This i very important to understand because, when most people first look at Traffic Monsoon it may look like a pyramid scheme. However, when you look deeper into the the system you quickly realise that it is not at all. Traffic Monsoon offers genuine services that allow people to earn a small percentage of revenue from.

4. Transparent owner

Charles Scoville is such a down-to-earth, friendly and transparent guy. He really cares about his users and wants Traffic Monsoon to succeed for as many people as possible. The transparency is a very important attribute to why Traffic Monsoon has had so much success. He shows ever small detail of every part of Traffic Monsoon so that its users can feel comfortable using the services. Everything from amount of users there are to how much money there is in the Traffic Monsoon bank account is shared. This can only add much more confidence and shows that Traffic Monsoon will be around for a very long time.

5. The Traffic Monsoon bank

A Traffic Monsoon bank is currently being created. Needless to say, this is a solid piece of news that will make Traffic Monsoon sustainable. If Charles Scoville wanted to scam all of its members, the last thing he would do is create a global Traffic Monsoon bank. For more information on this take a look at – The Traffic Monsoon global bank.

6. Hiring a new CFO

Traffic Monsoon recently hired a new CFO to take charge of the company’s finances in a more controlled way, installing more of a long-term view to Traffic Monsoon. The news filled all 2 million members with joy to see that Charles was taking these steps to make Traffic Monsoon equipped for the long-term. For more information on this take a look at – Traffic Monsoon hires new CFO.

These are just some of the reasons why Traffic Monsoon is sustainable and will continue to be sustainable for many years to come. It is clear that if you haven’t already got an account you should get one right now so you too can start earning lots of money every single day. Sign up for free now.


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