Make money on Traffic Monsoon – low budget plan

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Low-budget strategy to earn money on Traffic Monsoon

Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.


In this post I will explain a low budget plan on how to succeed in Traffic Monsoon. It’s very important to understand that Traffic Monsoon can work for people coming from many different types of backgrounds. I want to explain a great strategy that you can use to make money on Traffic Monsoon without spending much at all.

Low budget plan to make money on Traffic MonsoonTraffic Monsoon low cost plan

The plan is actually quite simple and a lot easier than you think. If you don’t have the money to buy hundreds of Ad Packs don’t worry, we have a low budget strategy that can help you earn a lot in no time at all. The strategy is as follows:

Week 1: Buy 1 Ad Pack for $50 – this will generate you about $1 a day.
Week 2: You will now have $7 in your account – purchase Ad Pack 2 but this time is will only cost you $43.
Week 3: You will have $14 in your account – purchase Ad Pack 3 for $36.
Week 4: You will have $21 in your account – purchase Ad Pack 4 for $29.
Week 5: You will have $28 in your account – purchase  Ad Pack 5 for $22.
Week 6: You will have $35 in your account – purchase Ad Pack 6 $15.
Week 7: You will have $42 in your account – purchase Ad Pack 7 for $8.
Week 8: You will have $49 in your account – purchase Ad Pack 8 for $1.
Week 9: You will have $56 in your account – purchase Ad Pack 9 from earnings.
Week 10: You will have $70 in your account – Purchase Ad Pack 10 from earnings.

After 10 Ad Packs everything from here on in is bought from profits, in other words it’s free. This means that you won’t need to use your own money ever again. Once you reach a position that you are happy with you can start withdrawing your earnings. It’s really that simple.

Don’t forget though, from week 8 (55 days) and every week after your first Adpacks will have earned their full $55 of revenue share so 1 will drop every week thereafter. You should try to maintain your Ad Pack position so that you continue to earn in the long term. Therefore think carefully how you make withdrawals. I have another article that explains the best strategies to adopt after starting up with Traffic Monsoon – Traffic Monsoon strategy review.

With a plan so easy as this you really should give it a try. Traffic Monsoon is truly an amazing and easy way to build a solid business that earns money while you sleep! If you haven’t signed up for a free account yet, sign up here.


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