Traffic Monsoon explained – how does it work?

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Welcome to my post Traffic Monsoon Explained where you will find out exactly what Traffic Monsoon, and it’s seemingly complex structure, actually is. I must admit, at first I was a bit confused with Traffic Monsoon and its world of complicated mystery but explained in a slightly different way, I was able to understand it much better. You could perhaps call this article “Traffic Monsoon for Dummies” or “Traffic Monsoon for Beginners” as it really is aimed at helping people understand the concept at a basic level.


Traffic Monsoon explained

I have separated this post into 7 sections, which also tend to be the questions most people ask me when starting up. If you are not sure about anything, please leave comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Traffic Monsoon explained - for dummies

What does Traffic Monsoon consist of?

First things first, let’s understand what Traffic Monsoon consists of. Basically speaking Traffic Monsoon is made up of two important parts. The first part is an online advertising platform, in which over 3 million people across the world enter every day. The second important part is its network of advertising spaces on external websites owned by Traffic Monsoon. These two work in combination to create a huge network of advertising spaces that Traffic Monsoon use to make its traffic generation possible.


How does Traffic Monsoon make money?

Traffic Monsoon sells advertising services to companies that generally can’t afford the higher prices of the traditional online advertising spaces such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Traffic Monsoon’s advertising services offer a much cheaper alternative to these advertising spaces whilst maintaining a high level of quality of traffic. Traffic Monsoon has 6 products that it sells to generate revenue:

  • Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns
  • Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns
  • Traffic Exchange Start Pages
  • Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
  • Monsoon Traffic Packages
  • Login Ads.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (Banners and Text) allow advertisers to advertise their own products much cheaper than traditional methods. Advertisers can even target ads to specific countries for as little as $0.50 per click. Paying per click, as oppose to per impression, is pretty important for advertisers. It means that they are paying for traffic that is genuinely interested in the products or services advertised. These banners and text ads are shown both within the platform and within its network of external sites, making these campaigns well worth the cost.

Traffic Exchange Start Pages is one of Traffic Monsoon’s biggest sellers. Advertisers purchase a Start Page so that their website will be shown first whenever Traffic Monsoon members start surfing website. Many advertisers buy this product because they know that the beginning of the surfing session is when people pay most attention, and are therefore more likely to take interest in their products or services.

Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases offers advertisers the ability to purchase more traffic exchange visitors without having to earn the credits by surfing websites themselves. There are multiple different pricing options to suit advertisers’ needs.

Along with the Login Ads, the Monsoon Traffic Packages is the bread and butter product of Traffic Monsoon. It offers advertisers the ability to promote their website through a myriad of advertising websites, gaining huge exposure, increased recognition, better results in gaining sign-ups, leads, and referrals. It is so cheap for what it can give an advertiser in return.

Login Ads is the product that has potentially made Traffic Monsoon so profitable, enabling it to continually redistribute its profits to its user base. It is truly a great product and there is evidence to prove it. It is such a great performing advertisement placement that it has actually completely sold out until February 2019. This is an incredible achievement for the Traffic Monsoon company and shows that companies are desperate to get their products in front of Traffic Monsoon users as soon as they log in.


How do I make money using Traffic Monsoon?

This is the fun part. As active 1:1 Traffic Monsoon members we make a share of the company’s daily profits. Depending on how many sharing positions you own determines how much you will be paid. Think of traffic Monsoon as a big bucket and think of the vast number of advertising products it sells every single day as the water. Every time an advertiser buys some of Traffic Monsoon’s advertising space, the bucket fills up. Every time the bucket fills up, the water (or the profits of the company) are distributed to its members as a reward for being active, thus continuing to use the platform.


But why does Traffic Monsoon need to distribute its earnings?

This is a very simple answer. Traffic Monsoon needs to distribute its earnings so that people (us) have a reason to come back to the platform day in day out. If we didn’t use the platform every day, just like any advertising space, Traffic Monsoon’s advertising products wouldn’t be so effective, meaning they wouldn’t sell so well, leaving less profits for the company. Therefore Traffic Monsoon installed this system of revenue sharing for its active users as something that would entice users to keep users coming back to the platform. The most important thing for websites is traffic generation. If a website wants to make money, it needs traffic.

Let’s take Facebook as an example, Facebook is a social network that sells advertising space to companies that want users of Facebook to see their products, click on the ads and potentially buy their products. Facebook makes no money through its social network so it needs to sell advertisement space to survive. Of course, as it has over 2bn members worldwide, it generates a lot of money through advertisement every single second. Facebook entices users to return to the “advertising platform” because of its social network it has worked so hard to perfect.

The enticement for Traffic Monsoon is not because the users want to check out the photos of the hot girl in class, it’s because the users want to earn money. This is why I personally have shifted all the time I used to spend on Facebook to Traffic Monsoon. I want to get paid for watching ads, unlike anywhere most places on the web or even in real life for that matter. Who wouldn’t prefer to earn money with their time rather than waste it looking at friends’ photos of what they had for dinner.


How do I become an active user on Traffic Monsoon?

It’s easy to become an active member on Traffic Monsoon. First of all, you will need to create an account (then verify your email address within 24 hours – very important). There are then two things you need to do to be an active member. First, you will need to buy something called an Ad Pack with sharing position. This is the only product that Traffic Monsoon sells that allows users to receive a share of the company’s profits. It’s a good idea to buy as many as you can, providing you can afford it of course, that way you will earn more money. The more sharing positions you have, the higher the amount revenue share that will be paid out to you. The company has a careful control its revenues so that it can successfully pay out $1 a day per sharing position to all active members, if not sometimes a little more. It has been doing this successfully for the past year and of course with all the products it is selling it will continue to for a long time. You can read my Traffic Monsoon tutorial for help on how to get signed up.


Will the funds dry up? Will I lose money?

Just like with investments, of course there is some risk. However those who do not take risks (albeit a very small one) are those who will never better their financial position. As long as the company keeps selling its products we will continue to make money. And of course, as long as the user base keeps increasing the more powerful Traffic Monsoon gets. With more traffic, the company’s products become more cost-effective for advertisers, which means more sales. Remember, reaching bigger audiences means more of a chance advertisers will get new customers, this is why they can’t stop buying Traffic Monsoon’s advertising packages.

By the looks of it, the company is doing better than ever. It’s selling out products till February 2019, creating its own Traffic Monsoon global bank, hiring an experienced CFO to professionally manage the financial strategy of the company, etc. Depending on the strategy that you adopt, you will be able to make your initial “investment” back after 50 days, which really isn’t a long wait at all. You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want and, in fact, Traffic Monsoon will even be sending us all Traffic Monsoon MasterCards very soon, with which we will be able to use in stores, cash machines, wherever we want. The risk really is minimal.


I have read that Traffic Monsoon is a scam, can I trust Charles Scoville?

There are many articles that falsely claim that Traffic Monsoon is a scam. This is mainly because they are unfamiliar with the reality of the company and how successful its portfolio of products has become. The critics don’t fully understand how it works so they quickly brush it aside as a scam. It is a shame because these critics in many cases are able to dissuade users from earning lots of money online.

Another reason for why people write articles saying that Traffic Monsoon is a “scam” is to increase the amount of people visiting their blog. It is not a secret that the word “scam” is one of the most used keywords in Google. Therefore individuals use this to entice others to click through to their site as people searching for Traffic Monsoon are interested in reading articles like that. This tactic effectively gains more traffic and funds whatever it is that site has to offer. It’s a clever tactic bloggers use to quickly take advantage of things that are commonly searched on Google to generate more traffic to their site.

Charles Scoville is a genuine, smart and helping guy. He really wants Traffic Monsoon to work for as many people as possible which is why he is making huge strides to improve many aspects of the company. Hiring a new CFO and creating a Traffic Monsoon global bank are just two of the things that he has planned for the future of this company.


Traffic Monsoon explained – the conclusion

This is truly an amazing opportunity for many people out there who are looking to earn a little bit of income online. Play it how you want, you can earn a little or earn a lot. Right now, I am earning a lot because I saw a big potential in this opportunity. Sometimes you just have face your fear and go for it. If you don’t at least attempt to take on these opportunities, you will never know. Today could be the day you change your life, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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