Traffic Monsoon hires new CFO

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Amazing news from the Traffic Monsoon genius Charles Scoville, Traffic Monsoon hires new CFO. This can only mean onward and upward for Traffic Monsoon and its strategy for making the company more professional.

Traffic Monsoon hires new CFO: Dr. Amin A. Forati

Dr. Amin A. Forati is the chairman at D&B group, Ambassador to Malta, and has a great wealth of experience within the banking industry. He has proven himself in a number of ways that he has a solid knowledge and years of experience in banking and financial systems.
Some consider that what sets Dr. Amin A. Forati apart from other CFOs is his extraordinary character, his integrity and desire to help the underprivileged and give everyone an equal chance to grow, regardless of their position. Those who had the chance to work with him knew that he was a man who respected his word and held its importance above any contract. He is a devoted family man who has always applied his family-based concepts to how he managed his own businesses.
Dr. Amin A. Forati was born in 1969, and received his Doctorate in medical field from Shiraz University in medical science in 1995. He then studied the Quality Management Systems (QMS) in SGS. After this, he traveled to Toronto to continue his studies in QMS and became a registered lead auditor in QMS (ISO 9000 series) and EMS as well and appointed as manager for QMI in the Middle East.
This lead to his appointment as the youngest adviser head of the industrial sector in 1998. However, in 1998 he decided to be more hands on in the market and worked as an adviser for a financial company. In 1998 he was appointed as the Secretary General for the Chamber of Commerce and became a VIP member of the ARAB European foundation and association of Directors of the local Financial and Commercial Company.
In 1999 he established the D&B group with registered offices in United Arab Emirates  This was a bold move, since these were troubled times where the market was monopolized by internationally managed companies. Yet, he managed to become one of  the largest  financial and trading groups worldwide.
In 2007 he achieved an Honors Doctorate in Economy and Business Management Systems from Oxford college and was quickly appointed as the Economic Adviser for the oil companies. It quickly multiplied its profits and became known on the international scene.
He was appointed in 2008 as Senior Consultant  for the development program (EABAFF), EU-Arab states Economic Interest Grouping and European Arab business and fellow ship foundation with international registration number EU356563.
It is clear that Dr. Amin A. Forati will bring a huge amount of confidence to the users of Traffic Monsoon. His appointment only concretes the longevity of Traffic Monsoon and means that we can expect some very exciting and stable times ahead.
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As Traffic Monsoon hires new CFO who next will be hired? Let us know what position you think Charles Scoville will look to cover next.

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