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Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.


The Traffic Monsoon strategy that you opt for will ultimately depend on your background and what your your financial expectations are using the system. All the Traffic Monsoon strategies you will find explained below will make you money online, the only difference is that some might take longer than others to do so. I am going to explain three Traffic Monsoon strategies that I would recommend using, each one aimed for people with different financial situations.

The 100% repurchase Traffic Monsoon strategy

This Traffic Monsoon strategy is actually the one I am using and I would recommend it to anyone as it is the perfect method to grow your account very quickly. The idea here is that every time your account reaches $50 from your “Ad Pack” earnings you should purchase another “Ad Pack”. As every time your “Ad Pack” matures you generate $5 profit you will be reinvesting every penny back into purchasing more “Ad Packs”, thus creating exponential growth in your account. For instance, if you initially purchase 50 “Ad Packs” you will be earning more or less $50 a day. If those earnings are then used to buy another “Ad Pack” then you will be on 51 “Ad Packs” generating $51 a day. This process continues and of course is endless. You can stop repurchasing as many “Ad Packs” whenever you feel you would like to withdraw but I would always advise repurchasing until at least 90 days have passed. That way you maximise the number of “Ad Packs” you have, in turn maximising your daily earnings. So if you did buy 50 “Ad Packs” initially and used this method by day 54 you would have 158 “Ad Packs” in your account, meaning daily earnings of more or less $160. So, in no time at all you would have tripled your position – sounds good right?

The 91/9 Traffic Monsoon strategy

The 91/9 Traffic Monsoon strategy can be a great way to grow your account relatively quickly but also generate profits gradually. Some people feel more comfortable using this method as it reduces amount of the initial investment that you have used to purchase “Ad Packs”.

Simply put, you would withdraw 9% as your profit and you would use the 91% on purchasing new “Ad Packs”. In comparison to the example above by day 54 you will be on 144 “Active Sharing” positions or “Ad Packs”, which of course doesn’t sound too bad after such a small amount of time. The only difference here is that by day 54 you would have pocketed around $430 to go towards paying back the initial investment.

The 70/30 Traffic Monsoon strategy

The 70/30 Traffic Monsoon strategy is the method that I would least recommend, unless you really need to get your investment back quickly rather than focusing on growing your account. This is purely a strategy to get back your investment quickly and only really works if you have more than 50 “Ad Packs”. You can choose to withdraw daily, weekly or even monthly. The strategy however still remains the same – 70% reinvested and 30% withdrawn as profits.

Traffic Monsoon strategy reviewTo conclude I do believe that each of the Traffic Monsoon strategies do offer benefits to people with different situations. It really depends on how confident you feel delaying payback and how interested you are in growing your account quickly to give yourself a basis for long-term passive income generation. It goes without saying but if you have any comments or anything relevant to this topic then feel free to add in the comments section below. If you feel you would like to give it a go today you can sign up for free today and I can show you everything you need to know to get set up.

If you would like to see a complete guide on how to get started on Traffic Monsoon take a look at my article – Traffic Monsoon Tutorial

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