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Traffic Monsoon step by step guide

Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.


I created this Traffic Monsoon tutorial to give beginners in the world of passive income creation a quick, fool proof guide to setting up an account with Traffic Monsoon. Don’t waste your time with long, boring articles, spend your time wisely and follow the steps below. The idea of this tutorial is to show you the vital steps needed to get set up on Traffic Monsoon, to highlight any potential mistakes that you should avoid and to save you the time of searching around the web for extra resources – you can find all you need right here!

Traffic Monsoon Tutorial

The blog post contains around 3,000 words so will take roughly 15 minutes to read so grab a cup of coffee and begin your journey to financial freedom. If you are unsure or confused with any points please send me an email and I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible. So, hop down to STEP 1 and let’s begin this new life of yours.

By the way, if you are hesitating whether you should set up a Traffic Monsoon account or not read my blog post on 8 reasons to join traffic monsoon today.

1. Initial steps before starting with the Traffic Monsoon tutorial

Commit to making money with Traffic Monsoon

You need to make the first and most important step, and that is to tell yourself that you are going to succeed. You need decide that you’ll make things work with faith, patience and consistence. I invested $5,000 of my own money and got off the ground almost immediately. I did my due diligence, made sure this was legitimate and took the initiative. It was so important to get started this way, working daily towards growing my Traffic Monsoon account. If i hadn’t declared to myself that i wanted to really make money, then I probably wouldn’t have risked it… ever. Maybe you won’t choose Traffic Monsoon in the end, but committing yourself to making money allows you to open up and take risks.

Do your research

You need to make sure that Traffic Monsoon is right for you. Read up on What is Traffic Monsoon? and identify areas that you are not sure about and ask questions. You need to be sure that you can trust Traffic Monsoon and that you feel comfortable using it every day. Not only that but you will be need to make sure that you will be able to withdraw money in your country using either PayPal, Payza or Solid Trust Pay. You don’t want to get half way down the line and realise that you cannot withdraw funds in your specific country through any of the payment methods.

Choosing your sponsor

Choosing who you want your sponsor to be is one of the first steps in getting set up. The person you choose to be your sponsor is who will receive 10% of all the commissions that you generate as an active user. This person will receive 10% of every Ad Pack you buy (both with the your own money you use to buy your first Ad Packs and also the money that you earn from these Ad Packs). Whenever you make a purchase in Traffic Monsoon, your sponsor receives 10% as commission. Also, whenever you earn “free cash” from the Cash Links you will also be earning your sponsor 10% of those earnings. So, rather than babbling on too much on this, it is quite important to think about who you want to be your sponsor. You should make the person who has helped you the most with Traffic Monsoon. If you feel that this article helps you then feel free to use me as your sponsor. You should be able to see “Allec215” if you use this link or by clicking on the banner below.

Traffic Monsoon tutorial - Sign up with Traffic Monsoon today

2. Join Traffic Monsoon and choose a strategy

Once signed up it might be a little daunting. There are a number of different tabs on the left hand-side and so many different areas to consider. The best advice I would give is to actually take 10 minutes to navigate around the page. But trust me you’ll most probably just be using a small proportion of the site. It’s quite important to head over to “Getting Started” right at the top of the page on the left hand-side. Here you should read the different areas that should be completed after signing up. There’s no harm in carrying out these tasks  at a later date though.

The top 3 strategies I would advise in this Traffic Monsoon tutorial

  • The 100% repurchase Traffic Monsoon strategy
  • The 91/9 Traffic Monsoon strategy
  • The 70/30 Traffic Monsoon strategy

The best strategy and the one that I would always recommend is the first strategy (The 100% repurchase Traffic Monsoon strategy). The reason that I would recommend this strategy is purely because you grow fast… very fast. Then, of course once you reach a comfortable position with your Ad Packs you can move on to one of the other strategies.

How to earn money with Traffic Monsoon

Now the juicy bit – making money. I don’t blame you if you skipped straight to this part to be honest! There are two main ways that I make passive income on Traffic Monsoon. One of the easiest and cheapest ways is clicking on the free Cash Links. The other way is by purchasing Ad Packs. I have to tell you I have been far more concerned with purchasing Ad Packs rather than the free Cash Links but I guess both can be very important depending on your situation. Let me explain a little about the difference between these two services:

  • Clicking on Cash Links – Even though you are aiming for the stars building your Traffic Monsoon passive income empire, don’t forget about these. Even though they seem insignificant, they are still income. If you can’t stretch the budget to purchase Ad Packs these will be even more significant to you. Basically speaking these are advertisements that someone has paid for. By clicking on them you will be earning yourself anywhere between $0.005 and $0.02.
  • Buying Ad Packs – I can’t stress just how important this is. It doesn’t matter what your excuse is, bottom line, if you want to make great passive income with Traffic Monsoon, you’ll have to purchase Ad Packs at some point. Everyone’s background is different but my advice is always going to be, start with as many Ad Packs as you can. You will see that you will grow your account at an exponential rate (providing you use the right strategy) you’ll repurchase Ad Packs fast and most importantly you’ll break even faster. When I invested $5,000 straight out of my pocket I was kind of scared, worried and didn’t know what to think. Now though I wish I had more balls and that I had invested $10,000 that day because I what I have seen has really blown me away. Obviously you don’t have to invest $5,000 straight off the bat. You can just invest $50 which is how much an Ad Pack costs.

So now you know the difference between Cash Links and Ad Packs now we need to work out how you buy Ad Packs. This part can be the part where you have second thoughts, should I don’t it shouldn’t I do it… But don’t worry, with this Traffic Monsoon tutorial you will feel comfortable and clear with every step you make. I will now walk you through each of the steps necessary to start buying Ad Packs:

  1. For the first stage of purchasing Ad Packs it might be a good idea to know where to start. Once logged in, head over to the panel on the left hand-side of the home screen and click on the title that says “Buy AdPacks w/Sharing – 20 PPC / 1000 TE Credits”.
  2. At this point it is useful to know what you want to start advertising, BUT not essential. What I mean is that when purchasing an Ad Pack you receive 20 pay-per-click credits and 1000 Traffic Exchange credits. This means that if you know what you want to advertise – great, as you can for example starting driving traffic to your website or start earning passive income via affiliate links. However, if you don’t know what you want to advertise yet please do not worry as you can always advertise Traffic Monsoon ads to begin with then change it later on.
  3. Now, click on the big green button that says “set up a new banner ad” and you should see the screen pictured below. if you know what you want to advertise at this point just select the correct banner size (for now only 125×125, 468×60 or 728×90), then put in the following details:
    • Title of Campaign – whatever you want to call this specific banner
    • Target Link – where you want the traffic to go
    • Banner Image URL – the address where your banner image is stored (an easy way to find this is by right-clicking on your banner and click on “copy link address”.

    Of course if you don’t already have a banner prepared you can always use the Traffic Monsoon banners until you decide what banners you want to advertise. This option is great if you want to get up and running as soon as possible. To do this literally copy the information that you see at the top of the page: Banner Size: 468×60
    Title of Campaign: Traffic Monsoon… etc. I don’t think it’s too complicated but if you are not sure you can always leave a comment at the end of this Traffic Monsoon tutorial or send me an email and I’ll do my best to help you.

  4. Now you must activate your banner. To do this you just have to press “activate” and watch it for 10 seconds just to make sure that everything is working correctly.
  5. Once watched hit “back to ads” and you should see a smaller green button that says “Buy AdPack”. If you follow this Traffic Monsoon tutorial correctly you will find yourself using this button quite a lot in the near future! Click on this button now.
  6. You will then be taken to what looks like a checkout screen. You will then need to select your payment method. Many people choose PayPal but to be honest it is the most expensive with its commissions, especially when you withdraw money. So I would advise setting up a Payza account. By clicking the link you will be able to open an account for free in less than 5 minutes. Payza is actually free to withdraw money from Traffic Monsoon.
  7. Once you have selected your payment method you should press “preview”, then hit the “pay now” button. You will see that it costs a little more than $50 for each Ad Pack. There is no getting round this unfortunately. The only thing thing you should bear in mind is that after this initial investment you will no longer need to purchase any more packs. You will simply reinvest the money you earn into new packs from your Traffic Monsoon account, which of course doesn’t not charge you a penny. To find out what the different commission rates are for each payment processor take a look at my article on The Traffic Monsoon payment processors. Please bear in mind that to make a payment with any payment processor you will need to have set the processor up in your Traffic Monsoon account
  8. Then all you need to do is follow the PayPal, Payza or Solid Trust Pay steps after pressing the “pay now” button

How do you feel now? You are officially an active member of Traffic Monsoon thanks to your dedication to earn passive income and the help of this Traffic Monsoon tutorial. Your next question will be: “What do I need to do in order to continue earning passive income?”. Let’s now find out how.

3. One of the most important parts of this Traffic Monsoon tutorial – staying qualified

Whatever you purchase on Traffic Monsoon you need to stay qualified. Listen up because this part of the Traffic Monsoon tutorial is probably the most necessary part to understand (despite it being very easy to comprehend). You need to watch 10 ads a day to stay qualified. At first glance, watching 10 ads a day seems like a sizable chunk of your day watching adverts. But here is where I tell you that you are wrong. These ads last for 20 seconds. Therefore 20 seconds x 10 ads = 200 seconds… Yes that’s right just 3 minutes 33 seconds. I’m sorry but if that sounds like hard work to you it’s probably best to leave this and continue working your 9-5 day job!

In How to stay qualified with Traffic Monsoon I go into detail about how to stay qualified. But seriously the only thing you really have to make sure is that you surf 10 ads every 24 hours and that’s it – you qualify yourself to earn a percentage of Traffic Monsoon’s earnings. If you see something like the image below you know you’re qualified. Basically you need to make sure that the writing is green, the timer is counting down and that it says “You’re Qualified For Clicking 10 Ads Until :” followed by some time and date in the future (preferably longer than 10 minutes, just in case).

4. Boost your Traffic Monsoon account – how to get referrals

Let me just make some clear here – it is absolutely not necessary to sponsor anyone in order to make money with Traffic Monsoon. However, if you do, it can definitely speed up the process. The Traffic Monsoon referral system is very generous. In fact, every time one of your referrals purchases a true and legitimate advertising service you earn 10% commission. Therefore the more active referrals you have, the more you’ll earn.

I want to quickly show you the power of referring people to Traffic Monsoon. I would imagine my referral is pretty happy with my activity, let me show you why. So, when I started I purchased 50 Ad Packs for $2,500 ($250 straight into my sponsor’s account). A week later I bought 50 more Ad Packs for $2,500 ($250 straight into my sponsor’s account). Because of the strategy that I have adopted I have bought, with my Traffic Monsoon earnings just over 100 more Ad Packs over the past 4 weeks. That means in total my sponsor has earned just over $1000 from my activity alone. On top of that I am averaging 4 new Ad Packs a day. That’s $200 I spend every day, which ultimately means my sponsor receives $20 commission every single day, just from me. Imagine if my sponsor has 5 referrals like me, or even 20 – you get the idea.

I think I have proven that attracting people to Traffic Monsoon can be a great way to give your account an enormous boost. Obviously though, the only way you can get referrals is through promotion. Traffic monsoon actually provides basic promotional tools for you to get started right away, ranging from banners to splash pages. But to be honest these don’t tend to be overly successful ways of capturing potential referrals. You can find out the best ways of getting referrals by reading my article on How to get more referrals in Traffic Monsoon.

There are however a huge number of ways that you can promote Traffic Monsoon to family, friends or even people you don’t know. The following list shows just a few of the places you can promote Traffic Monsoon:

  • Your blog – one of the best places to find people who are genuinely interested in what you are doing or talking about
  • YouTube Videos – also a very effective resource, though it can be crowded
  • Solo Ads – an email blast that you can purchase a ready-made list of people that match the demographics of your target market
  • Traffic Exchanges or Safe-lists – the scene seems quite saturated but be consistent you might be lucky
  • Classified Ads – maybe more traditional but still can be effective
  • Discussion groups – creating informative sessions can be a great way to convince people to change their lives with Traffic Monsoon too

5. The final step of the Traffic Monsoon tutorial – withdrawing your income

This might seem like a weird step to you and I must say, I can understand why. Cashing out shouldn’t need to be a step. However, the strategy you choose for how you cash out will determine the lifespan of your account. For example, if you withdraw more money than you are using to repurchase Ad Packs, then yes you will pay yourself back quicker but eventually you’ll run your account to the ground. That’s why it’s important to find a good cashing-out strategy that’s specific to your requirements. I would advise taking a look at the article Traffic Monsoon strategy review.

I would always recommend that, if you can afford it, keep reinvesting every single penny that you have earned in Traffic Monsoon, until at least 90 days have passed. That way you give yourself the best possible kick-off to your newfound passive income journey.

The best Traffic Monsoon tutorial

So there you have it. In this Traffic Monsoon tutorial I have led you through the journey of getting setup with Traffic Monsoon, what you need to do in order to remain active on Traffic Monsoon and how to give your account that extra boost through referring people to this amazing program. I hope this tutorial has been of at least some help to you. Please feel free to add comments below. I will do my best to answer any questions or doubts you may have. Please be aware that comments are strictly monitored so please make sure they are relevant and useful to users. Spam and self-promotional comments will be removed.

Thank you and good luck on your Traffic Monsoon adventures, I would love to hear about your success stories!

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