What is My24HourIncome and how can I make money using it?

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My24HourIncome is the October addition to my portfolio of online revenue streams. And I have to be honest with you, I think it’s going to be a big one. I have seen the sign ups go up by the 1,000s every few days. That’s amazing. And if you are one of the first to sign up, you’re going to be in for a pretty nice ride.

If you haven’t signed up for free yet, go straight to the registration page and get an account today. If this article helps you, I would appreciate it if you joined under my team! If you’re a bit unsure, why not check out my payment proof ?


My24HourIncome, what is it?

Just like FutureAdPro and Traffic Monsoon, My24HourIncome is a revenue share. It was officially launched on 20th August 2016 and has been making very positive strides forward so far. I checked on 11th October and there were already 36,082 members. If you ask me, that’s pretty impressive in such a short space of time.

Below is a quick snapshot of my analysis of the programme:

  • Accepted Payment Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Perfect Money
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10
  • Risk Score: medium – 5/10 (medium risk)
  • My Trust Score: high – 8/10 (high)


Why join My24HourIncome?

Here are the main 5 reasons why I personally think you should make My24HourIncome your choice of RevShare:

  • Referral Commission Pool – 100% free
  • Referral commissions of 12% and 8%
  • Up to 120% on hourly AdPack revenue share
  • Transparent and well-known owner with solid background
  • Free tuition – these guys actually guide you how to grow your business


Is My24HourIncome reliable?

When analysing opportunities, I think it is very important to understand a fair bit of the background of both the owner and the platform itself. Generally, you need to make sure the owner is trustworthy and has a solid history and that the platform looks reliable. Let’s have a look whether or not My24HourIncome meets the criteria.


Who is Drew Burton?

Drew describes himself as a “professional marketer and online sales leader”, helping in the launch of Zukul Ad Network, and a “big recruiter” in many other Revenue Share sites. This background definitely reassures me. He knows what RevShares are, the potential pitfalls and how to deal with them.

I would say that from what I have seen so far, Drew seems like an intelligent guy. He is very transparent too, appearing in countless tutorial videos across his site explaining how each step works. And even though being a “big recruiter” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a good owner, Drew has done a pretty good job so far.

The platform

From what I have experienced so far, the My24HourIncome seems pretty reliable, practical and easy-to-use. It doesn’t look anything like any of those dodgy RevShare sites that do the random disappearing act. Not at all.

My24HourIncome Site Security

The security looks pretty tight as well. I added an image from the site below. If you have a look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen you should see a security stamp. Click it and it will take you to the SiteLock verification page. Not only this, the site also has IP address verification. They will send you a code via email if the IP is not the one you usually use. This makes me feel very much at ease.


How to make money with My24HourIncome?

Just like many other Revenue Share sites, there are a number of ways you can earn money. You can make money on My24HourIncome by doing the following:

  • Buy AdPacks
  • Refer others
  • Referral Commission Pool
  • Licensed Affiliate Products


Buy AdPacks

AdPacks are the bread and butter of all RevShare sites. AdPacks enable us to earn a share of the revenues. I’ve put an image below to depict the different types of AdPacks available but in short, there are three AdPack plans – the $5 plan, $15 plan and $35 plan.

my24hourincome AdPack Plans

  1. $5 Ad Pack Plan
    • Matures at 110%, up to 3.8% cap.
    • Gives 75 Business Directory ads
    • 12% commissions (optional)
  2. $15 Ad Pack Plan
    • Matures at 115%, up to 3.8% cap.
    • Gives 200 Business Directory ads
    • 12% commissions (optional)
  3.  $35 Ad Pack Plan
    • Matures at 120%, up to 3.8% cap.
    • Gives 500 Business Directory ads
    • 12% commissions (optional)
  4.  $75 Ad Pack Plan
    • Matures at 130%, up to 3.8% cap.
    • Gives 1200 Business Directory ads
    • 12% commissions (optional)


There are many things that I like about the My24HourIncome AdPacks. I like the fact that you have to withdraw your earnings to be able to repurchase. This means that you are not forced into repurchasing. I also like that you can keep your AdPacks “active” even if you are on holiday. You can do this through buying Surf Free units.

Let me know if you understand this. If you don’t put a comment below or feel free to shoot me over an email.


Refer others

I’m not going to go into much detail here. We all know that just like other RevShares, referring other members can take your earnings to the next level. My24HourIncome works the same way. It’s by no means essential but if you can find referrals, you will earn 12% commission on their “seed money” purchases, and then 8% on their “Balance money” Adpack purchases. If you want some ideas on how to refer others, check out this post. It is about selling on Clickbank, but still relevant.


Referral Commission Pool

If you struggle referring people, like 90% of the members, the great thing about My24HourIncome is that there is a “Referral Commission Pool”. This really is a game changer for many users. Basically speaking, all the AdPack commission of the referral-less signups is gathered up and put into a pool. This is then distributed to all the active members every single day. If you make sure you’re active, you will earn extra!


Licensed Affiliate Products

This part of My24HourIncome is not the easiest way of making money. However, if you have an e-commerce background you can try selling the products offered at My24HourIncome. For every sale you make, you will earn 75% commission. Not only this but 5% will be added to the AdPack revenue share pools!


That’s all for now. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll add some more detail in this post. So what do you think? If this article has helped you, I would appreciate it if you signed up with me as your sponsor. I promise to take good care of you!


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