What is Traffic Monsoon?

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Important : Please note that Traffic Monsoon has been going through some legal issues which is why you cannot access the site right now. If you are interested in a much more effective way of making passive income online, join me on my new, most exciting programme yet – USI-Tech. Take advantage of passive cryptocurrency trading to make income online.


What is Traffic Monsoon – good question, and an exciting one too. In just over a year, Traffic Monsoon has become as one of the most exciting methods of earning money online. In this article you will find out what Traffic Monsoon actually is so that you can decide if it’s something that you want to consider to add to online income streams. For more of a simplified version of what is Traffic Monsoon, have a look at Traffic Monsoon Explained.

What is Traffic Monsoon?

In a nutshell Traffic Monsoon is a PTC (paid to click), traffic exchange website that shares its revenues with its users. The website makes money by selling a variety of advertising products both on and off the platform. Some individuals believe it could be considered a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme and have tried to dissuade people from using. But the truth is that Traffic Monsoon is 100% legitimate and millions of people across the world are using it to increase the traffic to their website and also to make passive income. In this article I will explain what Traffic Monsoon actually is and also give you a brief overview of the different sections it has to offer.

The Traffic Exchange services

The Traffic Exchange service is something that you can start using for free. You By clicking on the Traffic Exchange you can start earning cash and also receive free advertising credits. If you are a free user you can earn one Traffic Exchange credit for every 2 ads that you watch. The best thing about this Traffic Exchange service is that not only will your webstite be shown on Traffic Monsoon but it will also be shown on a number of other traffic exchange websites. So this is a very easy way for you to reach a large number of potential users of your website using just one platform.

If you didn’t have the time to invest in surfing these 2 ads to gain 1 visitor to your website there is always the option to buy huge amounts of traffic through Traffic Monsoon’s Traffic Packages (shown in image below). They are a very cost-effective and time-effective resource to boost traffic generation to your site. This way you can pay very little money in order to get a large number of visitors to your website without having to put in all the hard work of surfing other people’s websites.

What is Traffic Monsoon? Traffic Exchange Credits

Up until 10th January, when this article was written, Traffic Monsoon has delivered over 1134353250 visitors to websites. This is a huge achievement for a company that has been operating for less 2 years.

What is Traffic Monsoon? Results of the Traffic Monsoon Traffic Exchange

Traffic Monsoon Ad Pack Combo

Another very important service of Traffic Monsoon is the Ad Pack combo. Basically what this service offers is a great package of 20 clicks to your banner plus 1,000 Traffic Exchange credits. Not only this but it will also entitle you to a revenue sharing position. Therefore as long as you qualify yourself by surfing 10 ads within 24 hours you will be receive a share of the profits made by Traffic Monsoon through all of its advertising service packages. I know this seems a little difficult to understand, don’t worry. To answer the question what is Traffic Monsoon, I would advise watching this video by Charles Scoville the CEO of Traffic Monsoon who explains more about the main services that Traffic Monsoon offers and how you can make money earning a share of the Traffic Monsoon revenue through purchasing Ad Packs.


I’m sure you will have plenty of questions so feel free to add comments below. Please make sure all comments are relevant and add value, if not they will be removed. If you feel that this article has helped you then sign up for free today!

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